HTBWMedia has Grown

Since our humble beginnings using blogger as our main method of delivering information, HTBWMedia has always worked on giving the Internet Surfer what they wanted.
Moving on with that theme, we have noticed a strong desire for community within this faceless world called the Internet. For that reason, HTBWMedia has begun to focus on Social Networking Communities. Check out our growing list of properties at HTBWMedia Properties and you will see how we have grown.
In addition to assembling a large number of social networking and dating communities, HTBWMedia has expanded on our timeless information focus. From sites such as to as well as several home improvement and doit yourself related sites such as, HTBWMedia properties will always be filled with quality keyword driven niche specific information. This ensures your ads are seen by the audience you intend.
Of course we will still retain and continue to work on the blogs you see below, as there is always a market for that kind of stuff.

Check out our newest venture into the eroto-zone with the best Erotica on the Internet by the ever popular Kat. Kats Tales - Erotic Stories and More
HTBW is still searching for the right ad partner for our ads. At this time, we have a number of our Adult blogs available on Adult Adworld and are looking at clicksor for our general purpose ads. Those previously advertising with us through our arrangement with Adbrite should know we are no longer selling ad space through their service. All blogs are slowly being moved over to the new platform consisting of a 3 column design with space for a long banner at the top. This blog is using the layout for fermented fruits.

For those seeking Search Engine Optimization services, check out HTBWMedia Search Engine Optimization Services


We are in the process of upgrading the appearance of many of our blogs. With an emphasis on professional and clean look combined with better ad zone placement, we are trying to make our blogs more visually appealing for viewers and more effective for our advertisers. Some examples of recently upgraded blogs include: CONSUMER REPORTS SPANKADAMONKEY SoYaWannaKnow theGlassTit Hurricane Tracker Email Humor Fermented Fruits - Wine Making Tips

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Naked Famous Women & Beautiful Women Blogs

Ah, how I love women. I have been noticing a rapid increase in traffic to the very image and keyword heavy blogs on women. Check out, and The HTBW Blogs are definate winners for those targeting the male demographic.